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Leading a New Era in Jet Upset Recovery Training

A-4 Jet Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

High altitude jet operations above FL300 and/or 0.75 mach pose unique and demanding threats to business and commercial transport pilots. Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) has selected the versatile A-4 Skyhawk (TA-4J) two-place high-performance jet trainer, with a modified delta-planform wing, to further augment our powerful menu of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) mitigation services.

The A-4 Skyhawk as a Powerful Loss of Control In-Flight Mitigation Tool

The APS A-4 Skyhawk allows professional jet pilots the opportunity to experience, first hand in the real world, the critical key aspects of high-altitude high-mach flight operations identified in the industry’s Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (URTA) – Revision 2. As an integrated add-on program to our internationally recognized and highly acclaimed Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) services, this A-4 UPRT training course advances the aviation industry into the next era of its mitigation LOC-I.

Preparatory URTA web-based training, instructor-led classroom academics, on-aircraft airborne instruction and Level D Full Flight Simulator UPRT inter-correlate with the A-4 program to give professional pilots a once-in-a-life time UPRT learning experience. A-4 clients perform high altitude stalls above FL300, unique upset maneuvering exercises beyond 0.75 mach, as well as a diversity of other swept-wing jet-specific upset events in addition to a robust menu of UPRT transfer of skill confirmation exercises and scenarios.

Arming business, government and commercial jet pilots with the life-saving knowledge and skills demanded by the evidenced-based threat of LOC-I is our duty and responsibility at APS as the industry’s leading training experts on Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. It is a great honor to serve.

“Our mandate at Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) is to select and operate the industry’s most suitable and effective training resources to help professional jet pilots become armed with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate the Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) threat. There is no single solution to LOC-I. The integration of web-based learning, classroom academics, aerobatic-capable piston & jet aircraft training platforms and advanced level D full flight simulators; offers a menu of overlaid services specifically developed to dramatically improve commercial air safety. Our addition of the A-4 Skyhawk fills a unique, yet crucial, industry deficiency in jet upset recovery services associated with all-attitude, all-weather, high-mach and high-altitude Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT). The aviation industry’s ‘crusade against loss of control in-flight’ enters a new era through APS and our team of global experts”.

Paul BJ Ransbury, President – Aviation Performance Solutions
Former Airline Pilot, Military Fighter Pilot and Instructor, 4-time Master CFI-Aerobatic

APS TA-4J Skyhawk: Summary Specifications

  • 9300 lbs Thrust (P&W J52-P-8)
  • Carrier Capable
  • Two-Seat Tandem Seating with Dual Controls
  • Aspen Evolution 1500 C3 EFIS Glass Cockpit
  • Max Speed: 600 kts (1.2 Mach)
  • Max Altitude: FL500