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Global Leader in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

APS trains over 1000 professional pilots annually in comprehensive upset prevention & recovery training - more than any other provider

On-Aircraft Upset Training

APS has two decades of full-time experience teaching pilots upset skills transferrable to any fixed-wing airplane

Elite Instructor Pilots

APS employs the industry's most qualified instructors with specialized combinations of military, all-attitude and commercial aviation experience

Flight Simulator Integration

ICAO and the FAA state unequivocally that flight simulators are crucial to effectively transferring upset skills to commercial jet pilots

Tablet & Web-based Academics

APS has tablet and web-based self-paced academic courses uniquely developed to address the loss of control in-flight threat

A4 Jet Upset Training

High altitude operations above FL300 and/or 0.75 mach pose unique threats to jet pilots - A-4 Skyhawk augments APS jet upset services

APS Arizona - Headquarters

Our main office in Arizona USA offers central scheduling and administration for all APS locations in the USA and Europe

APS Europe

APS Europe offers all academic and simulator services including on-aircraft upset training in the Slingsby T67

APS Texas

In addition to on-aircraft upset training, APS Texas has proven itself a central simulator jet upset training hub with access to dozens of devices

Live to Fly Another Day

APS is a turnkey solution. We provide every pilot the opportunity to develop core skills to dramatically reduce the risk of the loss of control in-flight

Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), dba APS Emergency Maneuver Training, leads the industry in Upset Prevention and Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) solutions. The most effective, safe and long-lasting UPRT solutions are accomplished through an interrelated combination of industry-approved loss of control academics, proper use of all-attitude piston and jet airplanes and appropriately integrated flight simulation training devices (FSTDs). The key to transferable and career-relevant UPRT revolves around the quality-assured expert instructor conducting training in strict compliance with an industry-compliant training curriculum. APS additionally provides services in aerobatics, formation, train-the-trainer and jet upset training.

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